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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Many Things....

THE Two Cutest Kids on the Planet!!!

So today I sit here thinking...much like I have been doing for the past months! Thinking so much and not knowing how to put things into words. So much underlying, so many emotions, so many changes, so many mistakes, so many challenges, so many victories! So many of all those things have put me in a whirl wind! Back at the beginning of the year I joined a 'Raising Champion Children for God' small group. Little did I know that this small group would bring those 'so manys' mentioned above in my life! It was a start to so much! I was so challenged on how we raise our kids. Kinda like wondering around and hoping they turn out good! Which I was guilty of...asking others what works, watching what works for others...which is good! But seeing what God says to do and then doing it is a much better and effective way! Therefore, God started to do things in me. Because of two things harped on through out the semester. 1) Praying the Word over my children. I can pray their destiny into existence! I can pray the Word of God (literally praying scripture) over them! It brought such a purpose to parenting for me. I'm not just trying to teach them the ways of life. I am training them so they won't depart from the Way! There is a big difference! 2) You can't expect your kids to be something different than you are. We as Christians want our kids to love God with all their hearts and to be godly, to help others, to be honest,to read the Bible, to pray, to be active in their faith/church etc...BUT do we? Whatever I want my kids to do in the future, am I those things/doing those things? Ouch! It pushed me so much! Not to better myself, but to be genuine. To be the example I want them to be. What a challenge! At the time, Gavin was having a hard time praying outloud. He'd get really shy and say no. Not gonna lie, this was kinda frustrating to me! I couldn't figure it out! Until I prayed and ask God about it. He simply said, "Does he see you praying? R you showing him how to pray?" Wow! So that spurred me to let him see me have a quiet time with God. To answer and ask questions about God. To take every opportunity that presented itself to show him God's hand in my life, in this world. The conversations have been priceless! One morning last week, I thought Emory was singing in bed...so I came out to get her and low and behold it was actually Gavin sitting on the couch with his 'B' and his blanket, singing! When I asked him what he was doing he simply said "I was waiting for you mom"! How precious! He has been seeing me get up in the morning and pray and read and worship God and so that day he got up to join me! AND of all days I slept in! lol No body is perfect! :) 

Say all that to say...I thought I was gonna learn how to parent my child to successfully turn out Godly. And I did learn that but first God did things in me which I wasn't expecting! I encourage you to get the book! It's amazing and if you do it and not just read it, imagine the possibilities! I am so encouraged to know that I am equipped to parent my kids into the most amazing, God loving, selfless, on fire human beings on the planet! My kids are gonna impact and change the world! I am confident of that!

I'll be back another day soon to update all the holidays, family visits and fun things we've done since the last time I blogged!!! 

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