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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Many Things....

THE Two Cutest Kids on the Planet!!!

So today I sit here thinking...much like I have been doing for the past months! Thinking so much and not knowing how to put things into words. So much underlying, so many emotions, so many changes, so many mistakes, so many challenges, so many victories! So many of all those things have put me in a whirl wind! Back at the beginning of the year I joined a 'Raising Champion Children for God' small group. Little did I know that this small group would bring those 'so manys' mentioned above in my life! It was a start to so much! I was so challenged on how we raise our kids. Kinda like wondering around and hoping they turn out good! Which I was guilty of...asking others what works, watching what works for others...which is good! But seeing what God says to do and then doing it is a much better and effective way! Therefore, God started to do things in me. Because of two things harped on through out the semester. 1) Praying the Word over my children. I can pray their destiny into existence! I can pray the Word of God (literally praying scripture) over them! It brought such a purpose to parenting for me. I'm not just trying to teach them the ways of life. I am training them so they won't depart from the Way! There is a big difference! 2) You can't expect your kids to be something different than you are. We as Christians want our kids to love God with all their hearts and to be godly, to help others, to be honest,to read the Bible, to pray, to be active in their faith/church etc...BUT do we? Whatever I want my kids to do in the future, am I those things/doing those things? Ouch! It pushed me so much! Not to better myself, but to be genuine. To be the example I want them to be. What a challenge! At the time, Gavin was having a hard time praying outloud. He'd get really shy and say no. Not gonna lie, this was kinda frustrating to me! I couldn't figure it out! Until I prayed and ask God about it. He simply said, "Does he see you praying? R you showing him how to pray?" Wow! So that spurred me to let him see me have a quiet time with God. To answer and ask questions about God. To take every opportunity that presented itself to show him God's hand in my life, in this world. The conversations have been priceless! One morning last week, I thought Emory was singing in bed...so I came out to get her and low and behold it was actually Gavin sitting on the couch with his 'B' and his blanket, singing! When I asked him what he was doing he simply said "I was waiting for you mom"! How precious! He has been seeing me get up in the morning and pray and read and worship God and so that day he got up to join me! AND of all days I slept in! lol No body is perfect! :) 

Say all that to say...I thought I was gonna learn how to parent my child to successfully turn out Godly. And I did learn that but first God did things in me which I wasn't expecting! I encourage you to get the book! It's amazing and if you do it and not just read it, imagine the possibilities! I am so encouraged to know that I am equipped to parent my kids into the most amazing, God loving, selfless, on fire human beings on the planet! My kids are gonna impact and change the world! I am confident of that!

I'll be back another day soon to update all the holidays, family visits and fun things we've done since the last time I blogged!!! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Such Peace!


Here I sit soooo peaceful! But I must say that was not the case a month ago! Due to a situation we were facing I became a very restless soul. I was having a really hard time sleeping at night, and had very little patience for anybody during the day. Sometimes I even found myself unable to even lift up my arms! It was ridiculous! I started to exercise (even though I would feel even worse after doing so) and take vitamins per my husbands suggestion....we looked into it maybe being a thyroid issue etc... BUT then God! O how I love that phrase! It always makes me smile! One night we were at our small group we go to each month...(another reason why it is a MUST to be in a small group, no matter the church you go to!) And they asked for prayer requests...and I explained the situation and asked them to pray for me. And our leader being the woman of God that she is had discernment and just started asking me some questions. After a few minutes we came to realize that I had taken a huge burden upon myself that God never intended me to have! And even though I wasn't doing anything more than usual I was mentally exhausted to the point it started to affect my health! So she helped me lay down that burden and release myself from carrying it any longer. I literally felt a heavy load be lifted off my back! My neck wasn't hurting anymore! And I went home and went to bed! AND slept all night! Since then I have had such peace and joy just knowing I am pleasing to my Father just being who He created me to be. I don't have to do more in order to remain His favorite! Now to be honest there are days when that burden tries to creep up on me. But I refuse to allow it to!

Say all this to say... if you are feeling stressed or even just lethargic and don't really know why perhaps you have taken a burden upon you that He never intended for you to carry. So many times in church you hear about 'His burden being light' and that we need to lay down the burden. But rarely do we hear about how that burden gets upon us in the first place! You see I had opened the door for the enemy to lie to me and convince me that it was my burden to carry. So our small group leader saw that and guided me in closing that door and choosing to believe the truth vs the lie I was listening to! It was so eye opening for me to go through this situation myself! I have walked so many others through this but to do it for myself was one of the most relieving things I've ever experienced! So if you are feeling like this or know someone that is, encourage them to search themselves and see if maybe they opened a door to the king of lies and thus started believing a lie. Because those lies with affect your health and just make you miserable! And O what joy there is when God lifts that burden off of you! At last you are able to rest. At last you are at peace! At last your joy comes!
But God cares for you so much that He lifts your burden! Thank U for lifting my burden!

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”   Matthew 11:29-30  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sitting Longing To Be A Princess?

This morning as I sat and spent time with God, some interesting thoughts were running through my mind...I was reading 1 Peter 2 and it talks about transforming into the person that God intended you to be. And I got to thinking (spurred on by a devotional that is in my Bible!) that in the heart of every woman is the longing to be a princess. I've always thought that was because that's the way God designed us to be, to long to be rescued by a hero (a man) and to take part in an adventure with that hero. Now that mindset might have come from the book Captivating. In that book they explain so clearly that every young girl desires to be a princess...to be a beauty that the beast will fall in love with...to be someones love of life...etc etc...I absolutely loved the book and it brought so much clarity to me as why I do the things I do. I highly recommend it to all females of any age really. Anyhow, even though we long for our own Cinderella story to take place let's think back....way back before there were stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and all of the princess movies! Before all of them came God and man kind. After the fall, God has been trying to transform mankind back to it's original state. Which won't be completed till we get to Heaven, but He finds each of us in the ashes as we are being held back from the life we dream of living. He longs to raise us up and transform us. He invites us to come and dance with Him. But each of us needs someone to affirm our inherent value and to encourage our transformation. Now we as women have been trained to look to men to affirm our value and to help promote the changes we want. But in all reality it's God that needs to become our Prince! Sounds cheesy I know, but think deep about it. It all makes sense. He is wooing us so that our relationship will become closer and closer so that the ultimate transformation can take place! So while every woman's life story is unique, there are longings of the heart that seem to be universal...the desire to find true love. Maybe you having stirrings inside of you as it is the 2nd day of February, (which as women we all know what is 12 days away!) stirrings of desire to find that true love - then think about this concept. He is wooing you to come to Him, where you can find that True Love that will never leave you or hurt you. Your transformation into beauty that you are desiring will take place once you find that True Love. Wow! Thank you God for opening my eyes to a concept that has been so twisted by movies and society! Anyhow, that is what God is stirring in  my heart! Hope you've enjoyed reading it and maybe even got a little something from it as I did!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas with the Dekolds!

Well, I'm way behind in the blog world! Because Christmas came and went almost a month ago and I'm now just getting to post about it! This past year we decided as a family to adopt some ideas that our pastors do at our church. Such as - only giving our kids three Christmas gifts. Why? Because Jesus only got three!! This is two fold in purpose! One- teaches them we design our lives after His, and two- waaaay cheaper for us! hee hee

Anyhow, we did it and our kids had a blast with their gifts! Thankfully, they are still young that they will not know any different from here on out! After we had our own family Christmas, we ventured out to the great white north known as Canada! We had a lot of fun taking our kids to do some traditional Gagne(my family) and Dekold(Nicks's family) outings. Overall, we had a very blessed Christmas! Here are some of the highlights of our trip! Enjoy!

Decorating cookies!

And of course, eating cookies!

This was taken at a place called Colasanti's...Nick and I went there all the time as kids! It has a petting zoo, a play area, lots of shops, an arcade, small kid rollarcoasters and THE best donuts!!

This was a new tradition we started with Gavin this year...making Jesus a birthday cake!

Of course, opening gifts!

Emory loved how they just kept coming out!

And PJs with cousins!

This is a park that has a ton of christmas lights/displays up! It was extremely cold out so we didn't end  up staying long! But Nick and I have gone every year since we were dating!
 AND that is a little glimpse of what our week of Christmas was like! I hope yours was just as great!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life as we knew it in 2010!

So here we are! It's already 2011! Last night, Nick and I were talking about this new year and some things we need to accomplish as well as some things we feel God is telling us to do/work on... Which caused me to think about the past year! This past year was a great one for us! We started off the year getting our green cards in the mail! That is a huge weight of off us and our church! There were so many other things, some of which I blogged about, that we went through...Some good and some not so good! But in the end of the year and now looking back we realize that ALL things DO work out for GOOD to those who love God! Can I hear a AMEN! 

But as for this new year....God has given me one word - Relationships. Hmm, I thought now what does that mean because there are all kinds of relationships! My church is doing a 21 day fast right now, which I am participating in, and that's   one of the things I'm asking God to clarify!

Some goals we've set this year is to stay on budget! We say it every year, but this year I am DETERMINED to make it happen! We are putting our house up for sale and are needing a bigger one. And that is going to require us to stay on top of our money and not live so loosely! Another one is that we are taking a little honeymoon! lol Nick and I are gonna get away for a few days by ourselves this year! Which I am looking forward to! 

Last night as we were listening to some podcasts online, we can across Matt Chandlers story. And I think I'm gonna adopt his way of thinking! ha But seriously, the guy had a huge cancerous brain tumor and has been going through chemo for the last year and yet he says..."I am privileged that He is allowing me to go through this..." Wow! I want to take this approach this year! No matter what I am faced with I am privilege that He being God has allowed me to go through it. For so many reasons this excites me! I feel as though it would give a waaaaay less stressful life! Life is so wonderful and we get to live ours! Count each day as a blessing! Anyhow, those are my thoughts on this new year! BTW my birthday is this friday! Yay! Be blessed!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Mommy Would B So Proud!

So this year has been a year of crafting/sewing projects for me! My dad (Thanks again Dad!) bought me a sewing machine for Mother's Day and it's been crazy sewing since then! Well, not really but if I had more time I would def be doing a whole lot more! BUT I have done a few projects here and there and recently have been getting more daring! I found this skirt in my closet...a short skirt you wear over leggings...thing is it's from B.K.D! (Before Kids Days!) lol So I've finally come to terms that I'll never be that skinny again and that IS OK! Well, I keep telling myself that anyway! So I refashioned it into a skirt for Emory! Take a look!
The Before Picture
Ta da!!! The finished result!

I even made a hair clip out of the extra material!

Just had to show you the back pockets I made for it! Soooo cute!

Isn't she just adorable in it?

Be looking for this outfit in our upcoming Christmas pictures!
 Hee hee that's how proud I am of this endeavor!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today We Celebrate Your Birth!

Well, today is the day that I gave birth to our beautiful daughter Emory Grace! What a joy she has been to us this last year! Emory you are such a blessing to everyone you meet! You weigh about 18 lbs - and are petite! But that's ok because you're a girl! You are so sweet - you love to say hi & bye to EVERYONE you see! (Including strangers!) You absolutely love your brother! You reach for him every morning! You also love music - anytime it's on you are dancing away! It's so funny to watch you bouncing and waving your hands in the air! Here are some memories we have made with you the first year of your life!

The first time I held you I cried tears of joy!

You smiled at us for the first time Christmas eve!
Here you were introduced to the world of toys!

This picture definitely captures your silly personality!
You are so beautiful Emory!

You are always ready to smile for the camera!
So stinkin cute you are!

Emory, we pray God's blessing over you in this new year of life! May you continue to grow into an awesome young woman of God. With your beautiful blue eyes and blond hair we know you are destined for greatness! We love and we are so thrilled that God put you in our family!
Happy 1st birthday baby girl!